5 Songs About Food Worth Listening To


"Hush!" by James Tissot,
Hush! by James Tissot, 1875

We covered before about playing music in restaurants–but it’s time to have some fun with that. One of the Frogs couldn’t rest, bearing in mind that the only thing we covered about music and restaurants was about copyright infringement. Well, we decided to showcase some songs, that are related to food, that are quite musically delicious.

1. “C is for Cookie” by The Cookie Monster

Yep, some of us Frogs are still fans of the Cookie Monster. And when he shows up in the Colbert Report finale and (most recently) gets a visit from Sir Ian McKellen, we can’t help but respect his love for cookies (even if Sir Ian tried to control his cookie habits).

2. “Lasagna” by Weird Al Yankovic

This strange but contagious rendition of “La Bamba” from Weird Al is probably one of the few songs out there that can make a Frog laughing and feel hungry at the same time (probably not good for our bellies). And yes there isn’t a real music video in this case, but he at least did a skit on this song back when he did The Weird Al Show/

And if you thought Weird Al just stopped there, well as a matter-of-fact he made an entire album just about food.

3. “Frim Fram Sauce” by Nat King Cole

Shifting directions from modern marvels, we thought we would give some love to this oddly charming jazz song from Nat King Cole. While most people probably remember him for songs like “Unforgettable” or “Mona Lisa,”  Nat King Cole’s earlier hits like “Frim Fram Sauce” are awesome sauce as well.

4. “TV Dinners” by ZZ Top

Well here’s something that you probably didn’t expect: A song about something absolutely boring. And yet, when you give any song the ZZ Top treatment, it’s suddenly a song worth listening to over and over again. The music video, though, is absolutely sometime else–especially as Dusty Hill and Frank Beard took off their sunglasses in the video.

5. “The Candy Man” by Sammy Davis Jr.

Probably needs no description for this one.