On the Road Again….

Last night was a magical night for me! My daughter, who is 3, and I were getting ready to fuel up for our Christmas travels and we saw my favorite thing!

If you have kids, you know how it works; they want to help you with everything. I wish that was an exaggeration. My daughter wants to help me pump gas, wrap presents, shave my armpits, and push buggies at the grocery store, among other things…

So anyway, here’s what happened:

Keep in mind, my daughter has NEVER seen our logo. I know, I know, I’m terrible. I keep meaning to bring her in to meet everyone but it’s so hard with my schedule! And honestly, she’s more interested in going to the comic store than mom’s work…
So when I asked her, “How do you know that’s mommy’s work?
She replied with, “It’s THE FROG. DUH.

I was literally so excited that I had to take a creeper picture of the truck.

mande is my b

I cannot tell you how excited I was that my daughter recognized us!

Now, this truck was doing a local delivery to Winter Park, but did you know that we offer FREE DELIVERY to almost all of Florida? I don’t know how you could miss it. It’s one of my favorite things to blog about because it saves you SO MUCH MONEY! Seriously, I can’t even ship my laptop back to the manufacturer for less than $85. How much do you figure it would cost to mail an entire kitchen? A lot, that’s how much.

Anyway, I should be working. I just wanted to share with you my excitement. I always get little happy butterflies in my belly when I see one of our trucks. Don’t you?!