Tips for Pouring Drinks

An any restaurant, knowing how to correctly pour and serve drinks is essential. Aka, the coffee is the correct temp, iced coffee is cold enough and…wait. Why am I diving into the tips so quickly? Shouldn’t I make you work for them? Nah, I’ll be nice.

Some tips for pouring and serving the perfect drink include:

  • Make sure your glassware is nice and clean. Nothing turns me off faster than going to a restaurant and noticing a spec of some unidentified substance on my cup or glass. TOTAL EW!
  • When serving bottled water, make sure the water is chilled. BUT NEVER USE ICE UNLESS REQUESTED BY THE CUSTOMER. The ice will be different water than that of the bottled water and if someone is paying 4 dollars for a bottle of water, they won’t like that.
  • You should always serve drinks at the right temperature. For example, don’t pour iced coffee into a glass that is still hot from the dishwasher.
  • Always serve drinks from the right with the right hand. I briefly touched on this in a former blog post. If you’re serving food it’s the opposite!
  • Don’t overfill glasses…there’s nothing more annoying than having to take those careful first sips and trying not to spill hot coffee all over yourself. You might even have a lawsuit on your hands if the coffee burns them from over pouring. Okay, maybe that was a wee bit dramatic.
  • Always offer a clean cup when a customer asks for a refill of their coffee. Their old cup may have gone cold.
  • Always place cream, sugar and milk in close vicinity to the customers. Things can get awkward if I have to somersault across the table to reach them.

So there you have it, a nice lil guide on how to pour and serve drinks.