Chef Jeff and ServeSafe

Today, we’ve had a hustle and bustle around the office that we haven’t had in about a month.

Today is ServeSafe day with Chef Jeff Rotz! And man, we had a pretty decent turn out. Lots of businesses are getting on their way, and that’s something we love to see!

I had the opportunity to hear about some of the new businesses opening around Florida, and some already existing businesses that are renewing their manager’s certification or adding new management to their team. Everyone I talked to had one thing in common:

They have to take this test and they agreed that we have the best price around! I’m waiting for the class to be over so that I can hear more great things about Chef Jeff (try saying that 5 times fast, btw). He’s a favorite here, and I’ve never had anyone say anything but great things about him!

I blogged about this yesterday, and since then we’ve had a few people come in for the class and testing! And hey, while I’m pointing things out, have you browsed our website? We have an entire section about why you need the ServeSafe manager’s course! It’s an important part of opening your restaurant. Without your managers being ServeSafe certified, you will be in violation of bylaws and codes…and no one wants that. The state of Florida requires all foodservice employees to be trained on standardized food handling and hygiene practices every three years. ServSafe programs are accepted as meeting the training requirements for you and your staff.

So….call us and register for our next class!