General Contractor – Part Deux

So remember yesterday when I said I would talk to you about general contractors? Well I’m back from Frogland to make good on that promise (and let’s be real…you missed me!)

Just remember: This is my opinion and in no way reflects the opinions of One Fat Frog. They gave me the login to this blog and kind of just let me do whatever I want. mwahahahaha.

So…just pretend I know what I’m talking about, k? K.

So anyway, what are the responsibilities of a general contractor?

I asked a dear Frog Friend and he told me that basically, a general contractor (in the setting of a restaurant) makes sure everything is going well. They are in charge of setting up the inspection dates (plumbing, electrical, mechanical and building). They keep tabs on those dates and will let you know if anything changes.

General Contractors are also in charge of setting up dates with plumbers, tile layers, builders, roofers, etc. Basically, anything that needs building (or anyone you have to hire), the general contractor is in charge of hiring and supervising.

The long and the short of it is this: imagine the manager you’re going to hire to run your restaurant when you’re not there (because really, who wants to be there from open to close 6-7 days a week? You need to sleep sometime). He is in charge of watching the other employees and managing inventory, right? Well, your general contractor works the same way, EXCEPT, if you hire a general contractor, they generally have the inside scoop and can get you good deals on subcontractors. They can sometimes even have a little give with government offices and can get things done a little more quickly.

Typically speaking, restaurants that hire general managers open in a shorter time frame than those who do not.


Keep in mind that there is no set in stone timeline for anything. Every single restaurant is different. There are different situations. There are different size restaurant; different complexities. Everything is different for everyone.

*whispering* Everything. Everyone.