General Contractor – Should I get one?

So here at the Frog, we’ve been working on our very own Restaurant Resource Center! In this center we’ve got a few things to hopefully help you get your dream off the ground.

We by no means claim to know everything (how could we possibly? There is so much to know!) but we know a few froggy things, and we’ve collaborated with some people I like to think are experts in order to bring you our brand new Restaurant Resource Center!

But one thing I’ve noticed while helping put this restaurant resource center together is how much of this restaurant┬ájargon is hard to understand. There are words upon words that I just don’t get. No sir. And I feel like I need a general contractor just to break the words down for me. I like to think I’m pretty educated, and sometimes I just do this:

Yeah…I go all Leonidas-Frog on this restaurant stuff and throw things. But first I look to the approval of my boss (much like Leonidas does to his wife, Gorgo) because I don’t want to get fired.

So, in short, I’ve concluded with my own personal opinion (which in no way reflects on One Fat Frog as a company), that I will definitely be involving a general contractor if I ever decide to open a restaurant. Why? Because inspections are hard.

Seriously. After you sign your lease, there are some major things that have to happen before you can open. There are inspections out the rear. Electrical, Fire, Mechanical, and Building…and some time after that, after everything else is all said and done, there is a health inspection. I don’t even know how you get those started. I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t plan on opening a restaurant any time soon….

I know general contractors cost A LOT of money. I’ve heard of some starting at $25,000 and I’ve heard of them going upwards of $150,000. And it seems like they just supervise a bunch of subcontractors – but is that all they do? And why is the price so different? There will be a blog to follow that goes more in depth on this.

General Contractors are in charge of your buildout (or refurb, or whatever). If they get hired by you, they will be in charge of setting up your inspection times (which I also learned can change daily! Nothing is ever set in stone). They also generally have a better relationship with subcontractors and can get a better deal, as well as keep everyone on track. I was also told by a source that sometimes general contracts can have a better relationship with government agencies and can get things done a lot faster.

There is a huge list of responsibilities the general contractor carries on his back, and I know I get worn out from being a parent to one child. I don’t think I could parent a bunch of grown subcontractors as well. But that’s just me.

I realize I didn’t actually answer whether or not you need a general contractor. I can’t tell you what to do. All I can say is that I, (again, in no way related to One Fat Frog’s opinion) would get a general contractor.┬áMaybe I just don’t have that drive to supervise everything though. I’m a little too trusting in my every day life and would prefer if I didn’t have to be in charge of everything. I’m a small details kind of gal, rather than a big picture person.

Like I said, I will be posting a follow up blog – probably tomorrow – that goes a bit more in depth on the responsibilities of a general contractor.

Until then, stop by our Restaurant Resource Center and see how we can help you out!