Quick Ship: Walk in coolers, walk in freezers, walk in refrigeraters

We know the holiday season will no doubt bring in a huge number of increased clientele for many businesses, restaurants in particular. People want to have good meals and just enjoy the holiday season with family and loved ones. With this increased amount of clients, you will need to up your food production and storage to be able to keep up with demands. Much of this food will most likely need to be kept cool, frozen or chilled. How can you do this? Ah, you need a walk in cooler, freezer or refrigerator!

This is why One Fat Frog is offering a really awesome program at the moment: Quick Ship. Quick Ship provides walk ins for customers in under a week. Yes, Shipped to you in under a week. Let me clarify again, you will have your walk in IN UNDER A WEEK!

Not only are these new units the best quality, but we are offering them at used prices.  We do make custom walk in coolers, but with the Quick Ship option there is a limited number of sizes we are able to assemble in the shortened time frame. These include:






You can choose between a single or 3 phase unit and also between remote or self contained. The walk ins can be shipped to Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, North and South Carolina, New Mexico, Mississippi and more. Call us to confirm that shipment to your location is possible. Place your order today and come in and meet us!

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Update: Take a look at this article if you want to know more about walk-ins.