Around Florida: Tampa

This week, One Fat Frog takes a look around Florida and explores what it offers, and why it’s important that we’re involved.

So far this week, we pretty much went around most of Florida, but today we at the Frog thought it would be appropriate to aim for a place where it’s close to home: Tampa.

For a city where Tampa tried to bid as a host city for the 2012 Summer Olympics, Tampa was perhaps always overshadowed for the city having the team responsible for winning the 2002 Super Bowl…or hosting the 2012 Republican National Convention (depending on who you ask).

And yet, Tampa’s multiple-personality environment is why the city shines so well. It’s not just where it may be home to Disney/Univesal or a city where it’s home to the Seminoles. Tampa is a city that has the entertaining delight of Busch Gardens, the military might of MacDill Air Force base, and the beautiful views thanks to the Gulf of Mexico. At a time where “all-in-one” is the new buzzword, Tampa is the new all-in-one city. And finally, it’s a huge plus that Tampa is only about an hour away from our Frog location.

With a little over three-hundred-thousand people, Tampa is poised to have a big restaurant scene. One Fat Frog is proud to have the city of Tampa as one of our locations eligible for free curbside delivery. Whether your food truck is hosting the Tampa Food Truck Rally (don’t worry, it’s nothing like the Dakar Rally) or opening a new place downtown, One Fat Frog remains committed to the restaurant cause.

If you’re looking to open a restaurant or looking to upgrade your restaurant equipment, go ahead and give us a call at (407) 480-3409 or visit us at 2416 Sand Lake Road in Orlando.