Kitchen Equipment You Didn’t Know Existed

Usually, restaurant equipment usually consist of the garden-variety stuff you’d expect in a kitchen. Maybe it’s an oven, a fryer, a burner, a fridge, or even a mixer. But if you want to make dishes from abroad, specialized equipment will be necessary in order to meet your requirements.

  1. Rice Mixer

If you’re making sushi, the rice is one of sushi’s three unmistakable components–the other being the seaweed and the fish. One of the things that’s essential for proper sushi rice is mixing in vinegar. If you look at the recipes, it takes some time to get it all ready. That’s why if you’re planning to run a sushi restaurant, you want a commercial rice mixer. It’s a matter of “set-it-and-forget-it,” where you put your finished rice and vinegar and the machine will do the rest. It might sound silly to have a machine mix rice for you. But when it’s a matter of saving time, this machine will likely be worth it. Ps, us One Fat Frog peeps love us some sushi. Bring us some and we’ll give you a 50 dollar discount and love you long time.

  1. Mussel Cleaning Machine

Cleaning seafood is daunting business. If you’re running a restaurant by a coast, and you get your fish fresh every day, you won’t always have time to clean your fresh-caught seafood one-at-a-time. And when you’re cleaning mussels, they’re especially difficult to do. That’s why you get a mussel cleaning machine specifically for that. Depending on how big your machine is, you put your machine down, and in most cases water jets will get rid of the mussels’ beard and residue. All in all, this process only takes a few minutes. Now some people still prefer to do it by hand, but it might be worth to get a machine like this if you do seafood dishes everyday.

  1. Commercial Tandoor

In Indian Cuisine, a tandoor is a clay pot that’s actually an oven. Historically, tandoors are heated by coal or wood. What’s special about tandoors is because since your food heats by going down, it also smokes because the juices go down towards the burner. But of course as it is with a lot of restaurants, tandoors went to the 21st century. Kebabs, samosa (a triangular baked or fried pastry), and tandoori chicken (which you now you realize where it’s named from) are typically made with tandoors. So the next time you go to a restaurant and ask why this machine looks like a machine, remind yourself that maybe it’s actually used for cooking.

Now, many more unexpected kinds of restaurant equipment do exist. But the point wasn’t to travel around the world in terms of restaurant kitchens. The thing is that not all restaurant kitchens are the same. Now obviously, size is of course different for every kitchen. But not everybody is going to want the same stuff you’d expect from a restaurant a few blocks away from you. Fortunately, while we might not have the equipment mentioned above, we at One Fat Frog will probably have most of what you’ll need.