Bad Dates – Location Matters!

I know you’ve all been on some pretty bad dates, but I have one to take the cake! There are just some restaurants you don’t take your date to; especially if it’s your first date! Don’t take them to CiCi’s Pizza for the all you can eat buffet, for starters. In fact, don’t do pizza unless it’s casual and you know they’re down for eating with their hands. Avoid places like KFC and McDonalds if you can. And if you HAVE to go to McDonalds, please don’t make them choose off the dollar menu!

I am shuddering a little at the memory of my first date with Brok. He was 20, I was 18. He had a cool mustang and I was rolling around in my Suzuki that didn’t have power steering or AC. You can imagine my delight when Brok invited out for a bite to eat on Friday night.

“I’ll pick you up at 6.”

Nothing ever sounded sweeter than the ex-quarterback, Foot locker manager asking me to a bite to eat. I am pretty sure I swooned and did a foot pop. No lie.

Friday FINALLY arrives! I get cute, right down to a manicure and new dress. It was short enough to be fun but long enough to be classy (Hi Mom! I’m always classy, don’t worry)! Brok showed up in his green mustang. Swooning continued. I was too busy staring at the freckle on Brok’s ear to notice where we were going…So, imagine my surprise when we park AT BURGER KING. Seriously; Burger King! I was at a loss. We went inside. I was thinking I can’t believe I wasted a new dress on this guy. And to make everything worse, he ordered for me. He ordered me a whopper. I was a devout vegetarian. I hadn’t eaten meat in 4 years at that point.

I cried and asked him to take me home. We never went out again, despite his apologizing and trying to make it right.

This leads me to my point; where you take your date matters! Don’t take a vegetarian to Burger King and expect him/her to eat beef. Don’t take a kosher eater to Pizza Hut. Just don’t do it! We dates will thank you in the long run, and hey, if you get it right, you might get a second date.

I can’t really give you any more advice than that. I’m no Cyrano, after all. But I will leave you with a question. What restaurants did some of your worst dates take place? I’m sure everyone out there has some sort of story about Checkers or Waffle House… come in and tell us about some of these dates and let’s laugh together!