Pizza Prep Tables

I love pizza (almost as much as I love food trucks). I also love when clients come in and tell me about how they make pizza. There is something almost scientific about the perfect pizza crust. You have to cook it at just the right temperature, and cooking pizza dough in Florida is a lot different than cooking in say, New York, because of altitude changes. It’s all so fascinating!

But, before I go into the science of cooking, I have to talk about something else; something that I’m hoping someone else can relate to (because I hate being the only one who doesn’t understand things).

Sometimes going out and looking at all the equipment we sell to equip these pizza shops can get a bit overwhelming! There are tables, stands, and mixers oh my! I never know where to start, what the different brands are, or even what half the equipment does! And so every once in a while, I’ll take one of our amazing sales reps into our giant 100,000 sq/ft showroom, drag them over to a piece of restaurant equipment I’m unfamiliar with, and I beat the answers I’m looking for out of them.

Actually, they don’t put up much of a fight. They’re pretty nice and very knowledgeable, so it’s an easy task. Yesterday, I took Mr. Michigan out and asked him to tell me about the different pizza prep tables we have in stock. I was confused because some have drawers and some have doors. It seemed there were no two that were exactly the same.

So he broke it down for me. This is what I got out of it. There were three that we examined in depth.
67″ USED/NEW with 2 drawers and 1 door
67″ USED with 4 drawers

But why? Why drawers vs doors? I didn’t understand.

Mr. Michigan said that with doors, you can get shelves that go inside to hold all your dough and prep items. The drawers let you store things in the drawers instead of the shelves. Pros and cons? The drawers are super easy to use, and it’s a bit easier to reach your product, but they are not adjustable. Anything you put inside has to fit whereas, with the doors, you can store larger (and a higher quantity of) product

This was such a simple explanation, but it helped me understand a bit more the decisions that restaurant owners have to make before opening their dream restaurant. Don’t worry, I’ll have more questions like this that I ask our new and used restaurant equipment gurus, and I’ll be sure to share the answers with you!