Commercial Fryers and a Mixer

One Fat Frog has a large number of fryers in stock right now. Fryers are most commonly used for frying delicious foods, but could be used for personal reasons unknown to me. Whatever floats your boat buddy. I just have some fryers to sell.

Some of the brands we have right now include Imperial, Royal, Vulcan, Dean. Frymaster, Pitco Frialator and more!

If you’re looking for a high volume fryer, or need to do a lot of frying at once,  I would recommend checking out one of our triple bin units. Our Pitco Frialator is a viable option! The triple bin unit even has a warming lamp and some units come with dump stations. Conversely, if you’re just looking for a single fryer, we have plenty of those as well! We have whatever would meet the needs of a real fryer enthusiast.

I also saw we got in a Hobart Legacy 20 quart mixer. It’s a really beautiful piece of equipment. It caught my eye from across the warehouse. It’s bright yellow but One Fat Frog does offer free custom paint jobs so if you want it hot pink, we can do that for you! Want a portrait of your face on it? A little weird, but we could do that also. One Fat Frog is a judge free zone.

Come into one fat frog and we will be able to get you the fryer of your dreams or a neon yellow hobart mixer. Didn’t this turn out to be the best day ever?

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment

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