Slicers, Slicers and Some More Slicers

Here at one fat frog, we find it imperative that there is never a shortage of slicers in stock. Why do we like slicers so much you ask? Well my friend, it seems you may already know the answer to the question. When you go to Publix or your neighborhood grocery store and get you’re deli meats and cheeses, isn’t it half the fun just watching your food being sliced? Oh, that’s not interesting to you? That’s a little rude. Don’t let Mr. Berkel hear you. He’s sensitive!

If you own a deli or restaurant, I assume you know how important slicers are for your business. Gone are the cavemen days when a slicer was your just your hand performing a karate chop. Wait, this isn’t accurate? Are you telling me that cavemen didn’t run successful delis? Iv’e about had enough surprises for one day.

We have a nice amount of slicers in stock, around fifteen or so. We also most likely have anything you would need to run a successful commercial deli or restaurant. There’s 100,000 square fee out t in our warehouse, filled to the brim with commercial restaurant equipment.

But you wanna hear more about our slicers right? We have brands ranging from Hobart to Berkel, and everything in between. Various sizes, makes and models. All units are suburb at slicing. I’m not sure what other information I can provide for you. I’m just the internet gal. Come and see us or call and one of our knowledge sales reps will be able to give you more information than you could ever imagine. I’ll include some pics of some of the sexy slicers. Just look at ’em.


Slicer Row

2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando Fl, 32809