What is a Food Scientist?

I heard someone mention a food scientist the other day. I had no idea what that was and decided some research was needed. When I hear food scientist it makes me think of my freshman year of college in the dorm when I would be running low on the goods (food). My roommate and I would mix things together and hope for the best. Nine out of ten times the concoctions were was disastrous. Just a heads up- trying to make eggs in a microwave is not suggested. Apparently a food scientist wasn’t what I thought at all.

Food scientists are in fact, scientists. It seems pretty self explanatory in the name right? Well can anyone explain to me why there’s no ham in a hamburger? As a kid I had always thought I was eating ham. My childhood is a lie.

Anyways, most food scientists specialize in food safety or production. Food scientists have two things they focus heavily on; preserving food longer and developing ways to cook food quicker.

Many colleges offer degrees in food science and culinary science. To be a food scientist, a comprehensive understanding of chemical reactions and processes is vital.  To be a culinary scientist, you need to know everything a food scientist would have to know PLUS culinary skill development, or in other words,  you need to know how to cook!

Some environments you would find someone with a food scientist degree working in include food engineering, food technology, food microbiology and flavor chemistry. And some jobs a culinary scientist would have include recipe developer, recipe tester and research chef.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get your food scientist on.