Top 5 Hotel Cooking Classes in the World

Love to cook? Check. Love to eat? Check. If I ever decide to expand my culinary horizon from hot dogs and hamburgers, I would love to check out one, or all of the top five Hotel Cooking Classes on the Globe.

  • Blackberry Farm, Walland, Tennessee: You had me at farm. There is something extremely pleasing and rustic about taking cooking classes at a farm. Blackberry farm offers cooking classes which include ingredients such as heirloom tomatoes, wildflower honey, artisan cheeses and fresh eggs. Also there’s a wine tasting….so like where do I sign up?
  • The White Barn Inn, Kennebunkport, Maine: You had me at farm, now you have me at barn. In this situation, you get cooking classes from the head chef of the five star White Barn Inn Restaurant, after you enjoy a delicious meal. He takes you into the kitchen and you get right to work. You prepare the same dishes you had for dinner, which is really interesting in comparing tastes and really admiring what a fine craft culinary art is.
  • The Biltmore Hotel, Miami: The Biltmore Hotel has their own Culinary Academy. These classes are a bit more extensive and hands on than others. These classes are famous for having Italian, Asian, and dessert classes. Even Tapas classes are available. But really, where do I sign up?
  • Villa San Michele, Fieosole, Italy: The most sought after classes are taught by chef Attilio Di Fabrizio, who takes you through the world of Tuscan culinary, with an emphasis on various pastas.
  • The Fearrington House Inn, Pittsboro, N.C.:  Anyone with a love for American Cuisnine will more than enjoy cooking classes at the Fearrington House Inn. Here you will learn how to correctly grill meat and hors d’oeuvres. Again, there’s also wine. What could be better?