Flat Griddles, Pizza Prep Tables, Make Tables and Slicers

So, let me tell you something. One Fat Frog has a plethora of flat griddles, pizza prep tables, slicers and make tables in stock!

One of my favorites, the ever so popular flat griddle, is just waiting to be purchased. I went out and took a quick count and saw we have around 15 in stock. The sizes vary from small to quite large (such in depth details, I know). I didn’t have time to measure it all but if you give us a call, our sales reps will be able to provide you with all the numbers and measurements you need. Our flat griddles are quite diverse in brands, we don’t flat-griddle-discriminate. We have Vulcan, Asber, Champion, Fleetwood and more.

Now for the pizza prep tables. During my quick count, I saw around 5 out there. These babies are big sellers. Again, my measurements are quite fuzzy but I do know we have a nice variety of sizes out there.

Slicers, slicers and more slicers. We have a bunch of these, around 20. Some popular brands we have in stock include Berkel and Hobart. These are big sellers. Slicers really get me going because when I think of slicers I think of Publix roast beef sandwiches. Can we say Yuuummmmmy!

Last but not least, our wonderful make tables. We have about a dozen right now. The make tables and I haven’t bonded too much, but I hear these are the game changers.

This list in no way represents the bulk of our inventory. There’s hundreds of different brands and types of equipment here at the frog. We have 100,000 square feet of restaurant equipment for heavens sake. I don’t even think a comprehensive list of all our equipment would be possible to make.


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