And the pranks continue…

There is something about pranking our salesmen that gets me rolling on the floor laughing every single time. So what happens when the prankster gets pranked?

Let’s start at the beginning: It all started Friday. It was late, we were exhausted, the lumbar support in my chair was about as supportive as a paper bag in the rain, and Mr. Winkle was with clients.

Oh Mr. Winkle. Quiet, sarcastic, reserved Mr. Winkle.

It seemed like the perfect opportunity to get myself a new, shiny, lumbarific chair! Yes, that’s a word. So I took it. I stole that chair so fast no one knew what happened. And I can’t say that I felt bad about it. Not one little bit. That is, until Mr. Winkle got finished with his clients and returned to do some paperwork. He of course, immediately noticed that his chair was gone, and with the ferocity of a mama falcon protecting her young, he swooped in, grabbed the chair, and dragged the chair back to his desk – with me still propped comfortably on top! I’m not even sure how he spotted it to fast. He can’t find things when I hide them in his pencil holder, and that’s right in front of him on his desk…

With tears of laughter streaming down my face (because seriously, it all happened so fast), I quickly paddled Flintstone style back to my desk, leaving him to eat my dust! But it didn’t end there….

Oh no, it didn’t end there.

When I came in on Saturday, Mr. Winkle had beaten me (darn you John Young traffic)! And boy was there a surprise waiting for me! Mr. Winkle loves his chair so much, he brought in a bike lock and locked it to his desk. Seriously. I wish this were a joke that I had come up with.

I can’t stop laughing. I think the student has finally surpassed the master, but shhh! Don’t tell him I said that!
And not only do we love pranking and joking with each other, but we love our clients, too! And we had some really great clients come in on Saturday! But I have to say, I especially enjoyed the two gentlemen that came in wearing those amazing shirts! They played along pretty well when I asked if they had washed their hands after using the restroom! They were so much fun, we had to let them see Mr. Winkle prank first hand!

So stop by and see what kind of trouble we can get into here in our 100,000Sq/Ft showroom! We love when people stop by and play along with us!

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Edit: As I was reading old blog posts from before my time, I came across this. I do believe this is the same chair! Mr. IT Man and I would have been great friends.