Start Your Restaurant TODAY

Let me take you back to my sophomore year of high school for a moment. I had just gotten my license  and a car and was nervous about driving on the freeway, particularly merging. It was a huge fear of mine. I told one of my friends and she said she had gone through the same thing. She assured me it was actually the easiest thing in the world and had some advice. She told me her mom told her the best way to merge onto the freeway was to just “close your eyes and floor it.” This was probably the worst advice anyone has ever given me and I do not recommend anyone taking it.

This being said, I did think there was a message to be taken from her life-threatening advice. And it was this…when things are scary sometimes you just have to go for it and not look back. Starting a restaurant is so many peoples dreams but many are nervous about what the outcome will be. I’m here to say that dreams are a wonderful thing…they keep us going and push us towards where we want to be. But at some point we have to act on them. If you want to start a restaurant, do it! I hope you’d let one fat frog be your supplier of restaurant equipment if you choose to start a restaurant. We have many outlets here which make starting a restaurant easy and affordable such as financing and free delivery!

PS really don’t take the advice about merging. a good ending to that is not foreseeable.

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