New Scratch and Dent Freezer

One Fat Frog has a new scratch and dent freezer in stock…the dent is in the back. This “beauty mark” in no way affects the aesthetics or productivity of the model. I think a little banging up adds some character. Iv’e been binge-watching Californication over the last couple of days and I legitimately got upset when Hank got a new Porsche; his old rustic one was way too awesome.

If you aren’t into the dents as much as I am I guess I’ll offer the freezer at a discounted price…I AM JUST TOO NICE. But really, come in today and see the awesome freezer. We also have a magnitude of dent-less freezers if that’s your thing. In fact, we have 100,000 square feet of restaurant equipment. You heard me right. 100,000 square feet.  It’s a pretty big number to wrap your head around. Just imagine around two NFL football fields. If we are being honest here, I’ve gotten lost on numerous occasions exploring the vast space here….I’m still pretty certain one of the closets here leads to some sort of Narnia. But,  instead of lions and witches roaming , I imagine obese frogs everywhere. I don’t know. It’s just a thought.

How many times is it possible for me to digress in a two minute time period? Can someone please start keeping a tally?  I feel like Dory from Finding Nemo half of the time. Speaking of, A FINDING NEMO 2 IS COMING OUT. Here I go again. Okay, goodbye.

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