Zombie Day at the Frog

So apparently it was decided yesterday that today would be zombie day at the Frog. I wasn’t here, so I wasn’t able to get the message. No one even texted me. I think this may be lingering repercussions of when I forgot to wear baby blue on Baby- Blue- Friday. There is a blog post about that whole fiasco a couple of weeks down. I will never forget a Frog dress up day again.

But, less about me and more about zombie day.Or maybe some more about me. I was just casually sitting at my desk when I felt a presence staring at me. You know those moments I’m talking about? You just know when someone is behind you…. I looked and immediately screamed. Our in house finance manager thought it would be comical to scare the living (insert appropriate word) out of me. He was dressed up in a black hooded cape and a mask. Below is a pic of scary finance man.


We had lots of employees on their zombie A Game today. Initially when I came into work before knowing about Zombie Day I thought one of my co workers just had a rough night. I asked if she was okay and she then informed me that “No Bri, this is not my everyday makeup. It’s zombie day you hooligan.” Another coworker of mine came in and let me just say, she brought her inner zombie out to play.

I think it’s essential that others experience the beauty of the zombies. Here they are in some pics posing with various equipment in the Frog warehouse. I’m really hoping they scared some of the boys out in the warehouse…that would literally make my day. 

zombie19  zombie17   zombie12 zombie11 zombie10 zombie9 zombie6  zombie4 zombie1 

Things such as Zombie Day are very common here at one fat frog. We kind of create our own holidays here at one fat frog on an everyday basis, so before you come in here just be prepared for anything. If you’re coming to our annual one fat frog party, REALLY BE PREPARED. I’m talking an open bar with a very attractive bartender, naked desserts, full body painting with models, a psychic, live DJ, free food and much more my friends. If you haven’t RSVP’d you better get on it. The party takes place Monday, September 8th in the frog warehouse from 8pm-2am. Be there or be square miss the best day of your life (not an exaggeration).