startup: Juice Bar

Juicing is a craze?  Well not really, it’s a lifestyle choice for many and is finally reaching a more mainstream understanding in society at least in Orlando FL.  I admit it, I’ve been a hippy for years but then I came from the wilds of Montana where foraging and hunting for your own food was pretty normal.

I could tell you about carriers and what the best carriers are, what fruits you should flavor with and the difference between a juicer and a juicer that masticates.    What you probably want to know is that currently the Frog is opening three juice bars!  I’m not going to divulge locations and concepts yet, but it’s very, very exciting to us!

Being part of a change in the dynamics of how the nation eats is big!  We’re honored to help touch the way food is perceived!

Now I’ll sheepishly bow my head and admit that this is my sign from God that I should get out the old Champion!