STARTUP Why should you open a new concept?

In past guides we’ve written about STARTUPs we’ve covered topics of buying a franchise, buying an existing restaurant and now we’re focused on opening a new concept from Ground Zero.  We’re talking putting down roots!

So you think you want to open a food and beverage concept from the ground up.  You’re the one who dreamt it, you’re the one who will flesh it out and you’re also probably the one who will sweat over the grill!

There are several great reasons to open a new concept.  In no particular order here you go:

  • you can purchase equipment from the Frog and save a ton of money
  • you are not making a percentage payment to corporate each month
  • you don’t have organized buying channels, you can buy cheese any dang place that makes your little heart sing
  • is there a special that takes off?  add it to the menu
  • full control of growth, menu, purchasing

This, my friends, is just the beginning of the Frog… stop in at 2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando FL 32809