Semi-loads of equipment

When it comes to high volume the Frog is always taking in used equipment.  In fact, I think we even had equipment come in on Saturday!

So in our last few semi-loads of equipment have kept us pretty busy.  A lot of people ask us questions why our inventory isn’t regularly updated on the internt.  It quite frankly comes down to our low prices and volume and selling it so quickly that as soon as we get it posted it often sells.

Additionally in the world of used restaurant we might get another load of equipment in the next day.  Our inventory changes rapidly at the Frog.  The very best is to stop in talk to a sales person.  Get on our radar.  Buy equipment.  The folks who get the first choice on new incoming equipment is our existing clientele.

I’m telling you, it’s worth the drive to the Frog!  If we have folks who fly in internationally you can drive across Orlando for equipment.