Quick Glance of Inventory Out in the Warehouse

So I was just out in the warehouse for a couple minutes playing hide n seek and thought I would do a really quick glance of the inventory. PS the information I’m about to give you in no way indicates all we have. I am in no way at fault when you visit the warehouse and see I have only given you a tiny amount of our inventory.There’s 100,000 sqaure feet out there, I don’t even know all we have. It would take some time to figure out those calculations, time I like to spend, again, playing hide n seek. You have been warned.

But some of the things I just saw out there included prep tables (pizza and sandwich/salad), work tables (some w/ splashbacks some w/out), charbroilers, flat griddles, fryers (single, double, 3 compartment), rational combi ovens, hobart lp gas ovens, single and double stack blodgett convections, southern pride smoker, cheesemelters, 4 and 6 burner ranges, tilt skillets, tilt kettles, slicers, toasters, countertop pizza ovens, deli cases, kegerators, freezers, fridges, coolers, walk ins and more (again 100,000 square feet in the FROG). So whatever you’re doing, finish it up and come check out our awesome warehouse….if you mention this blog post we may even give you a discount 🙂 also just mention how awesome Bri is for my own vanity. Thanks. Also, if you come in and spin the one fat frog wheel one of the options is locking one of our employees in a walk in cooler. I have yet to see this day come but anticipate it every moment of every day.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment

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