Red Bull Curates: Canvas Cooler Project 2014

So Red Bull did something pretty awesome a couple of days ago in Orlando. I’m more than surprised I hadn’t heard about it until today. It’s called the “Canvas Cooler Project” and basically in large cities 20 artists come together to individually transform a blank canvas wrapped red bull cooler into a work of art. And one of the cities they came to on July 24th, was Orlando! The artists were given 8 hours to create their unique work of art.

When time was up, it was then shown to the public, where patrons and judges voted for their favorites. Two winners from each city were invited to exhibit in Miami during Art Basel Week.

Red Bull has already been to Denver, New Orleans and Orlando, but Houston (August 14) and Philadelphia (September 25th) are still left!

I’m still a little bitter one fat frog wasn’t asked to participate. I mean, have you seen my stick figures? that’s some quality art. But, in all seriousness, it’s really an incredible thing Red Bull is doing for the art world, check out some of these insane coolers..

Sean Hartman Instagram: seanhartman
Sean Hartman
Instagram: seanhartman
German Lemus Instagram: lemusart
German Lemus
Instagram: lemusart
Brandon McLean Instagram: myhungryyears
Brandon McLean
Instagram: myhungryyears
Andrew Spear Instagram: spearlife
Andrew Spear
Instagram: spearlife
various artists Instagram: liferoundart
various artists
Instagram: liferoundart