Privacy Is So Not a Thing Anymore

There is a bigger gap in generations than may have been previously thought. I was reading an article online about the generational gap between X and Z and began to realize how different we really are in regards to technology. I belong to generation Z, barely, being 19 years old. It’s crazy to think about how connected I really am to social media and how present my internet persona actually is. I mean, my job title is “social media specialist” for crying out loud! This girl loves her sum internet! I am always online! My mom even teaches college online, and she can’t even begin understand how/why the internet is so important and prevalent in my life. She’s always yelling at me to put my phone down, or to stop texting at dinner. Sometimes it feels like it’s involuntary, my hands just seem to always need to be holding on to my phone. Btw, texting isn’t a word on microsoft word, and is constantly being underlined with that pesky redness. They need to get it together.

According to the article If You Think Gen Y is Different, Wait Until You Meet Generation Z, 91% of teens have a picture of themselves on the internet, and 94% of all teens using social media have a facebook. These are incredibly high numbers, and I was honestly a little shocked reading them. Privacy isn’t a thing anymore for the Z generation. Unlike my parents, who find me posting pictures of myself on faceboook, weird and dangerous, my generation sees it as necessary and awesome.

But the weird thing is, when I meet people without facebooks or twitters, I’m immediately interested in them because I know I couldn’t go on the internet and find out loads about them in seconds (is that stalkerish?). I myself, don’t have an instagram and when I tell people this, they literally freak out, and either think I’m a weirdo or some non conformist hippie.

It was actually kind of funny, my dad had to make a linkedin the other day, because many people don’t want to work with someone without seeing their previous job history online. He was not thrilled and when I told him to add a picture of himself, he just about lost it. Being connected isn’t really a choice anymore, it’s something that is expected of us all, whether we like it or not!

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