When to Replace: Walk-in Refrigerators and Freezers

Have you had your walk in fridge or freezer for quite some time? Have small-sized rodents begun to take up residence in your walk in? How do you REALLY know when it’s time for a new walk in? Well, the Frog is here to help you out. There are a couple of tell tale signs it’s time to replace your walk-in. At One Fat Frog our technicians and staff are specialized in all things walk ins. The information I’m about to relay is of the utmost of importance. This is basically secret service, FBI, type information, and I’m giving it to you for free. Yes, us Frogs are a generous people. Many walk-ins are functional for 15 to 30 years but this depends on maintenance and the frequency of it. Signs you need to replace your walk in refrigerator or freezer:

•Ongoing increases in your electric bill: If your bill is rising 97 thousand dollars a month I would like you to stop what you’re doing, close your eyes, and say to yourself “I need a new walk in.” When your electric bill is consistently increasing it could very well mean that the R-value of your insulation is declining. For those of you who are saying “the R WHAT?” let me explain in the simplest of terms. Your R value is the measure of thermal resistance. See how easy that was, you can stop sweating. A decline in your R Value will lead to massive amounts of money spent on electric bills and your pockets will be begging for a new unit.

• Doors acting funky: THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT PLEASE LISTEN UP OR MISS FROG WILL BE VERY UPSET. If your doors are not closing properly this is a huge indication that your walk in needs to be replaced. To keep this from happening, door maintenance is VITAL, IMPORTANT, URGENT, IMPERATIVE, and if I could think of more synonyms the list would continue.

• Condensation and ice buildup: If there is ice or frost buildup on the walls, this is a no no. No was said twice to emphasize this is not good. Many people think when there is ice buildup it means that their walk ins are just extra cold, but unfortunately this is not the case. Don’t be upset about being wrong, the Frogs don’t judge. Ice buildup means that air is seeping through and your unit will be unable to contain the appropriate temperature for food storage. This will compromise food safety and unless you want your customers ordering their steak with a side of food poisoning, your walk-in needs to be replaced!

• Damage to floors and walls: This is just something that happens with constant use. There isn’t much you can do to avoid this. When the walls and floors start to deteriorate, cold air can began to escape which leads to energy loss.

I hope these tidbits of information help you out. If they didn’t, you should read it again, because this post rocks. When you do decide it’s time to replace that walk-in of yours, let One Fat Frog be your go to supplier. We specialize in walk- in refrigerators and freezers here. We even make custom walk-ins. Whatever size and shape you want, we make happen. We’ve gotten some pretty weird requests but us Frogs are a pretty weird bunch. Don’t be shy about your suggestions!

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