Rebuild your credit with the Frog

Rebuilding your credit can be a daunting task.  For whatever reason your credit may be bruised.  We’ve all been there- divorce, terminal illness, layoff, downsizing or economy turns and over extended on your mortgage… they’re all common things we hear day in and day out at the Frog.  There is absolutely no shame in coming to the Frog. 

If there’s one thing that One Fat Frog’s Finance Managers know is that good people can have bad credit.  We understand that. 

Here are some clients we’ve helped finance recently:

  • Divorced (ugly divorce), repeat restauranteur, opened restaurant, approved $25,000-
  • Divorced (ugly divorce, did I say ugly), opened bar, startup, approved $15,000-
  • Credit rebuild, Pizzeria, approved $7,000-
  • Quick Sale of home, Sub shop, approved $17,000-

It’s not hard at the Frog!  Let one of our Credit Managers help you- that’s what we’re paid to do!  We rock the banks and let them work for you!  Why do all of our Finance Managers have cabbage ears – no has nothing to do with wrestling in high school, rather has to do with talking on the phone to get the best deal for you! 

The Frog- there’s only one and only in the nation and that’s why we offer courtesy airport valet pickup- no charge!  We know a big purchase is important to you.  It’s gonna be worth the fly in!  Save thousands of dollars on your opening!


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