The American Dream lives on at the Frog

As we’re sitting in the showroom listening to 80s bands, I’m proud to say that the American Dream lives on both our radio and in our showroom.  Probably the best show I’ve seen lately was a documentary about the band Journey called “Everyman’s Journey.”  In essence it’s the search Journey had for a new lead singer and how they found a man across the world who recreated the beauty of Journey from the time of Steve Perry.  To me it embodied the American dream.  The new lead singer had lived in abject poverty and homeless at one point and ends up in America living the American Dream.

At the Frog we are dedicated to helping you turn those entrepreneurial dreams into a living breathing business. 

Simply put, financing startup concepts is what One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment does! 

Are you looking for a low monthly payment?  Have bruised credit from divorce or terminal illness? job layoffs?  Just want to hold on to some cash during buildout?  One Fat Frog’s finance and lease programs offers solutions to your needs.  Just as every person is an individual, so is every business’s financial needs.  Let the Frog find a lease or finance option that is right for you-  the Frog is here to offer affordable options to help you purchase the equipment of your choice.  Already have financing approved through a third party or your bank?  Talk to one of our Finance Managers about working with the bank to making the deal go off smoothly- this is what we do!

When we look at Finance and Lease Plans, there are many to choose from:

  •  Lease
  • $1 buy out
  • 10% buy out
  • short term lease / buy outs
  • startup plans
  • rebuilding credit plans

Call one of the Frog’s Finance Managers for help in selecting the right financing plan for your needs.  The Frog serves far more obvious industries than Food Service, let us help you get the equipment you need for your industry- mortuary, funeral, assisted living and more!

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