Finance & Lease Programs at One Fat Frog

June 18, 2013   Orlando, FL- 

As a full-service food service dealership, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is dedicated to serving its customers.  Open 6 days a week, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment always has an in-house Finance Manager on staff for your Finance and Leasing needs.  Having skilled staff to work finance and lease deals is an important component of serving our customer’s needs. 

“This is an integral part of the startup process,” says owner, Connie Baugher, when talking about finding money to open a food service business.  “Entrepreneurs are looking for alternative funding methods.  Gone are the days of easy bank loans.  SBA takes time.  But the Frog offers opportunity,” she continues.  

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is known for starting businesses.   You might be surprised at the time of start up or existing businesses that One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment can get funding for.  “In the past we’ve helped lawn companies finance ice machines, we had a General Contractor who purchased multiple units to place on site and we’ve also helped finance florists.”  Golf Courses and assisted living are other concepts that commonly come to One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment.  In fact mortuaries, veterinarians and hair dressers may find that the equipment they need for parts of their business can be easily obtained through the Frog. 

While the world is looking at crowd funding and planning ways to game the crowd funding system, people are making businesses of helping others crowd fund.  It’s a great idea but there’s no guarantee you’ll meet your goal.  Using crowd funding as a “windfall” financing method is a good strategy, but it’s best to use a tried and true method of finance and lease available through One Fat Frog.

The process of securing funding is pretty simple at the Frog.  While traditional bank resources that One Fat Frog uses want to see bank statements, Profit & Loss statements and years in business, One Fat Frog has non-traditional resources that will work with startups.  “When a startup business is concerned there is not a lot of history to go on, unfortunately.  You might have the best idea in the world and traditional lending institutes will turn you down because you don’t have a track record.  You can have the best plan out there and have just gone through a divorce… rotten luck, don’t pass go, don’t get $200,” says Connie, “But not at One Fat Frog, we know what it’s like to be the new kid on the block.  And we’re committed to helping you get through the initial stages.  The American dream is alive and well at the Frog.”

Over the years, One Fat Frog has opened thousands and thousands of restaurants, bars, food trucks and bakeries using traditional methods.  However, due to strong relationships with different lending agencies, One Fat Frog has dramatically simplified the process.

One Fat Frog prides itself in simplicity and therefore you’ll find even the credit application is simple.  “Since we are a high volume dealer with extensive experience in finance, we’ve been able to work special programs with our partners.  Many of our preferred lending institutions have only require a one page finance application and little to no documentation even with poor credit,” says Connie.  It’s something the Frog prides itself in- simplicity!   Want to fax back the simple one page application- no problem!  Prefer to email it back- no problem!  Want to bring it in person- no problem!

The common piece to all finance and lease programs is that businesses must show ownership such as incorporation or LLC status.  While “The Frog” (an affectionate nickname given to One Fat Frog by its clients) can get you a soft answer without full paperwork, most of our lenders will only work with businesses.  One Fat Frog’s Finance Manager has worked with a few companies to offer consumer finance and lease programs for people who might want commercial equipment in their home- think summer kitchen, theater, man cave or vacation homes!

If you are interested in more information about the variety of finance and lease programs for businesses, don’t hesitate to call the Frog.  Programs exist for single unit owners, franchises, startups, and even poor credit or combinations, thereof.  As stated earlier, businesses outside of the food and beverage realm also qualify for financing.  One Fat Frog can work with churches, schools and golf courses. 


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