One of my Favorite Songs is by Alan Jackson “Chasing that Neon Rainbow”

If you’ve been in enough real honky tonk juke joints you’ll hear Alan Jackson’s “Chasing that Neon Rainbow”    You can only know how pleased as punch I was to get my very own One Fat Frog Neon Rainbow- this is the big time, boys and girls!


I remember when “Chasing that Neon Rainbow” first came out, the days of tapes getting stuck in your radio and songs getting stuck in your head.  I felt all nifty (this was circa late 80s/ 90s) with my radio that was a quick release tape player… wayyyy before CD’s existed.

I lived in the sticks in Montana and well there were buffalo a-roaming and herds of deer around.  The country music was deep and we didn’t line dance, back in my day.

I moved to Florida and a friend took me to a now defunct country bar.  In I walked with my wrangler’s and my Justin ropers (both which had seen cowshit) to listen to some sort of rap and seeing everyone line dance.  I promptly walked out… it just wasn’t the same.

When you know the real thing it’s hard to accept a knockoff.  I knew how to swing dance after all I took a class with one of my best buddies, Pat, who now does something important with the Department of Fish and Game in my home town, but really I think he continues to get dirty for a living and play in rivers.  I’m sure to have minimalized and trivialized his entire career and rather important job title but well, that’s life.  All boil down to what you choose to remember.

So coming to the big city and finding out that country ain’t country… it hurt me.

How does this relate to restaurant equipment?  Well, doesn’t everything in my life relate to restaurant equipment? 

You know I’ll be that old lady in the Assisted Living Facility with stories, “back in my day…”  (On that note my mom had me volunteer at a nursing home the summer between 7th and 8th grade.  The two memories I had were of the alzheimer’s patient who would not throw her utensils at me or lash out but was known to throw spoons and trays and the other resident who had danced with a president and repeatedly told me stories of that… I fear they’ll put on my room card, ‘Here lives xyz old lady, ask her about restaurant equipment.  She loves to talk about it.’

But you know what, I’m more than restaurant equipment, I’m also bar equipment, bakery, food service and even assisted living.  Perhaps I’ll outfit my preferred senior housing before I get shipped to the facility. 

And back in my day…

“I was country when country wasn’t cool”  How many of you does that take before Casey Kasem?  Oh those were the days… shoutout to all our customers who know the days of 8-track and reel to reel too!