STARTUP Why you should buy a Franchise?

If you’re considering opening your dream there are many questions you should ask yourself.  One easier startup for many is to buy a franchise.  It’s often a package that includes most of the startup details worked out. 

Here are some of the pro’s of buying a franchise:

  • business plan
  • menu, advertising, suppliers all arranged
  • brand recognition, possible client base already exists
  • a lot of the kinks have been worked out
  • staffing, scheduling and other HR help
  • built in support like:  accountant, legal services

Here are some of the cons:

  • monthly franchise fee
  • possible monthly advertising fee
  • suppliers may be higher
  • credit card processing may be higher
  • lack of creativity on menu
  • you may be able a similar concept for a fraction of the franchise cost

Please search our other STARTUP articles on why you should open an existing restaurant or start a new concept for more great information for the startup entrepreneur.  One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment- we’re building the dream, because that is what we do!