One Fat Frog – adding to the Orlando tourism industry in more ways than you think

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment adds to the Orlando tourism industry in more ways then you would think.  I’m sure you’ve said to yourself, look at the Frog they have a few employees who work for them and contribute to Florida’s economy.  And if you thought that you’d be right.  You may have also said to yourself, hey One Fat Frog probably supports the tourism in many ways- and you’re right there.  In fact, just this morning on my way to work (I live minutes from Disney) I didn’t honk at a tourist driving on the wrong side of the street… just kidding but often I’m that one who smiles and waves because I’m super grateful they’ve saved their life to visit the mouse.  How great is that?  They’re the reason my neighbors have jobs and for that I am very grateful. 

But moreover we’ve had clients come in this week and tell us they vacationed in Orlando just because of little old us!  YUP you read that right, folks planned a vacation around the Frog.  Now what you probably didn’t know is that it happens more regularly than you’d think.  We’re 100,000 square feet of food service fun and we even offer courtesy valet pickup at the airport. 

Let me tell you the stories of the two clients this week.  I think you’ll find it worth your time-

  • Client from North Florida- think Lake City or Jacksonville- says to the team, “I found so much about you guys on the internet that I realized I had to take a long weekend in Orlando to see you.  Yup, you’re never gonna believe it but we planned this vacation around the Frog.”
  • Another Client from South Florida found it was worthwhile to drive to purchase glass door refrigerators and freezers.  With the savings of several thousands of dollars she stayed over in a really nice hotel… now I’m not sure if it was the Gaylord Palms or Wyndham but she drank umbrella drinks by the pool.  That’s for sure!

So, want to write off a vacation… I’m sure your accountant can help you do that… and coincidentally One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment would be centrally located in sunny Orlando FL.  Did I mention we’re minutes from the convention center, DisneyWorld, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and a short drive to NASA and the beach?