I just can’t pass up a deal like this…

Another great day at One Fat Frog, customers throughout the day. The first sale was to a gentleman who as he said “ I was just coming in to look but I just can’t pass a deal like this up.” It happens just like that all the time at the Frog.
Now that we have our own new line of refrigeration we are well on the way to making this new warehouse location the best thing we’ve done for our customers. Plus we can get you a BRAND NEW Walk-in Cooler or Freezer at a price that will save you all sorts of cash. Our equipment prices can’t be beat. We have 100,000 sq ft of used and new equipment just for you and your business.
Our staff is on their game too. If you come in and talk to The D Man then you’ll find he is as laid back and very easy to talk to.  Trike Bike Man is just as easy to talk to and you’ll find he works hard to make sure our customers’ needs are satisfied… hahaha tease them about their nicknames
We are all non-stop here at the Frog.  Even at the front desk you’ll find friendly face who will greet you in person or on the phone with a smile on her face.  She will take care of you from the time you walk in until the time you receive your delivery. Oh and you can’t beat FREE DELIVERY. We are all about getting your equipment to you. It’s a great saving for our customers and what a convenience too. I haven’t run into one person who has said, “No, No, No, I want to get a truck rental, pay for rental, the gas, drive to your location, drive back to our location, unload the equipment, refuel the rental and return it.”
If you are really lucky then when you come visit us, our Finance Manager will be singing in the back and he will be on key… well, are you feeling lucky today?  He takes care of getting you the financing you need for your equipment needs and why not utilize our ability to go through our finance representative. Starting your restaurant or keeping it going with payments you decide on.

Also there is someone in the office claims they sound like Luther Van Dross… have yet to prove it but we will let them claim that title until we know better. 
Come in to One Fat Frog and we will do everything we can to get you to say “ I was just coming in to look but I just can’t pass a deal like this up.”