Startup: What do I need?

The Frog is pretty much the startup universe of the world.  We’re the one place that won’t look at you questionably when you tell us your dream about opening a Tartery.  Now we will question you to death about it.  We’ve talked to clients about sports concepts, grocery stores, card playing concepts, automobile repair shops, and so many other business concepts and certainly we’ve got a lot of opinion based in experience through thousands upon thousands of hours of conversation. We’re born of an entrepreneurial spirit- the American Dream and how it can come true. 

In fact, if there’s time we’ll probably brainstorm with you about your logo and your colors in the logo.  We’ll pick your brain about domain names and facebook pages.  We’ll even share what we know about starting your business.  After all, we’ve helped thousands (but who is counting) of businesses open in our time. 

There’s a reason we’re a little bit different then any dealer out there.  I’ll tell you that in the short of it.  We’re born of the heart of an educator.  We’re dedicated to learning.  We’re dedicated to teaching (see the store for info on our ServSafe Food Manager Classes). 

So here are a few things you should look at about starting your business- food service or otherwise:

  1. Am I incorporated or LLC’d?  Yes, you can do a sole proprietorship but I’m not a big fan of that for liability issues. 
  2. Do I have a working name?
  3. What is the service/ product I’m providing?
  4. What experience do I have in it?
  5. Who am I providing the service/ product to?

The list can go on and on and we’ll continue to flesh out these areas as we have over past years.  There’s nothing off limits at the Frog- let’s talk