Walk in coolers & freezers 3 DAY TRUCKLOADS SALE

Put in your order Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of this week and we’ll pass on the extreme savings we will get when placing an order this massive.  One truckload won’t even cover it, boys and girls, ladies and germs!  We’re ready to start saving you money beyond our usual super great deal prices.  The Frog is focused on saving money for our customers any way we can.  We are not about squeezing that last dollar out of the deal- buy your plumbing fixtures from the plumber, your quick disconnects from your gas installer- keep the trades happy.  We’re not one stop shopping with little widgets and wadgets, we are, however, very, very good with what we do!

What we do is big and plugs in- our technical knowledge won’t be surpassed.   We also are proud to announce that most items receive free delivery in Florida if they’re on one of our free delivery routes!

At the Frog we’re 100% committed to saving you money and we’ll start with your biggest piece of equipment and likely your largest single investment!  Call us today for your low price (407) 480-3409 – place your order ASAP because we’ve got so many walk ins we are getting a better discount this time and cha-ching that means more money in YOUR pocket.  Doesn’t really matter if you’re paying cash or finance, but it does matter that you finalize everything by Wednesday so we can put your order in with our big one.

This is the way of the world- bigger orders mean bigger discounts!  Let the Frog save you money.  If the Frog knows one thing it’s Walk in Coolers and Freezers!

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