Free Delivery


One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment offers free delivery throughout the state of Florida.  (See store for minimum purchases and delivery routes but basically we drive from Tallahassee to Naples to Miami and Jacksonville dropping off at most points in between).  Why take advantage of our free delivery?  It’s simple- restaurant equipment shipping costs can add up.  It’s an advantage you can take – beyond our buying power- to give you the most savings when you’re purchasing costly equipment. 

We all know that without the right equipment you cannot function.  Let us take care of the equipment & delivery- you take care of the food! 

Here’s a brief list of some of the cities and towns we have delivered to in the past few weeks:

  • Melbourne, Jacksonville, Ocala, Gainesville, Kissimmee, Lakeland, Tampa, Miami, Naples, Fort Myers, Cocoa Beach

Need Financing?  That’s easy

Need to think about it and want to fill out a credit application on your own time?  Click here for your quick and easy application.  We can do a simple look/ see if you’re still in the dreaming stages or think you were decimated in a divorce.  And even a more serious answer takes just a few minutes. 

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment – let us take care of the equipment- your job is entertaining