It’s been busy

I haven’t had time to write an update on everything going on, so I’ll take a few moments to tell you Frog and un-Frog stuff.  There’s such a close blending of all that (you’ll just be hostage to hear it all for the juicy details you want).

First of all, the Restaurant Equipment Baby is 2 and a half!  She can say her alphabet, identify most colors, sing Old McDonald (which she promptly launched into when we pulled up to McDonald’s drive thru on a recent trip… except our version was Old McDonald had a french fry… yes, we are that family, think of the Chevy Chase roadtrip days), she remains a diaper girl.  However, in a conversation last nite she assured us she will quit using diapers today.  My fingers are crossed.  On a daddy wrapped around your finger note, the preschool wasn’t too happy a few weeks ago when daddy gave her a lollipop in the morning.  What they don’t know is he gave her a popsicle the day before…

We still are trying to convince the 10 year old to come sell restaurant equipment but she’s more interested in softball.  So be it.

Our GM’s baby just got a rollercoaster.  I hear it’s set up in their house and that at 10 months he’s pretty good at holding on for the ride.  Have not heard if the dog follows him riding it.  Maybe that sort of chaos is only reserved for my house?

We’ve had some great returning customers come back and open another concept or expand.  Very happy to share that.

Our walkin cooler and freezer line has been exploding.  We’re ready to give you even more discounts with a quick sale next week!  Give your team member a call and take advantage of the savings.  Let our Finance Manager help you get the money you need – call him at (407) 480-3409.

So I recently went to see my mom.  I was sitting on the stairs and she saw my grey roots.  Each one earned honestly I might add.

Had the distinct pleasure of taking one of my friend’s sons to prom.  It wasn’t planned, in fact the Restaurant Equipment Baby was in the backseat and the valet high-fived me and made a joke “Mom at the prom” but nonetheless it was awesomeness.  The bad part of the story is that we got a call that said teen’s car broke down on the way to the Swan and Dolphin hotel at Disney.  As I live just minutes away we jumped in the car and found them.  It was a bittersweet and special prom because his dad was my late husband’s best friend and had passed away unexpectedly a few years ago.  I like to think of myself as the stand in that nite, sharing a special time.

Last nite on facebook I found the page of the restaurant across from my high school.  It was pretty exciting to share with friends and the memories poured out.  Do you remember where you spent your first teen eating out moments at?  And by this I mean non-family moments.  This was my own cash, my own time, my own wheels. 

Enough I guess it’s time to start working on giving up the diapers since she says today is the day- wish me luck!