FAQ: Why you need a Renato oven

If you have walked through the One Fat Frog warehouse, you’ve probably noticed our Renato pizza oven. Why? For starters, because it’s a 6,000-pound behemoth and equipment of that magnitude is hard to overlook. Or maybe you noticed it because it’s one of the most stylish pieces of equipment that the Frog has – or at least you’ll feel that way if you’re a fan of brick architecture. Or maybe it struck you because you’ve seen it on TV.

FAQ (Frog-Asked Questions):

Huh? I’ve seen that Renato oven on TV?

Maybe. I know some of us Frogs have. If you’ve ever watched Guy Fieri’s shows on TV you’ve probably seen him do a lot of cooking in his summer kitchen. In that fancy backyard kitchen, amongst the grills and flat tops, you’ll see a large Renato brick oven. Even if you’re not a fan of Chef Fieri, you have to realize that a chef who is big enough to have several of his own TV shows is probably not going to cook on low-quality equipment, so Guy cooking pizza, flatbread and other food in this brick oven is a pretty good endorsement.

How does the Renato brick oven cook?

The Renato oven is a wood burning oven with gas assist.

Wait, what? It’s both wood burning and gas?

Yes. Wood burning ovens give your food that extra flavor. You can make changes to the flavor of your food by using different kind of wood, adding extra variety to your restaurant menu. However, wood burning ovens are not the fastest or most efficient ovens in the world. That’s where the gas assist comes in handy. If your restaurant gets super busy (like when the Frogs go on lunch break), you can just turn on the gas and you’ll be able to cook faster and more evenly.

Cool. So what can I cook in this Renato brick oven?

The Renato oven we have at the Frog is primarily known as a pizza oven, but you can use it for cooking a lot more than pizza. This oven is also perfect for cooking flatbread, open-faced sandwiches, some fish, bread and more. Basically you can use the Renato for anything that you can cook with medium to high heat using an open door.

Should I buy a Renato brick oven from One Fat Frog?

Yes, of course. If you want a heavy duty brick oven for your restaurant or summer kitchen, this baby is top of the line. Come by One Fat Frog and check it out for yourself

Good news- our Finance Manager said we can finance this for home or consumer use!  Call us at 407-480-3409