Restaurant Startup Tip: Be consistent with cleaning procedures

CleaningProceduresIt’s important to keep a clean restaurant. With a clean restaurant comes consistent procedures. One Fat Frog is here to give you a few tips on being consistent with cleaning your restaurant. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, a baker, a bar tender, a food truck driver, or you’re affiliated with another food service industry, it’s important to keep your employees/staff in the know with cleaning procedures.

Before/After Restaurant Shifts

Ensure that the food being served is cut, prepared and mixed with clean utensils. No one, not even One Fat Frog, wants the lingering taste of onion paired with their banana split for dessert because the chef is using the same, unclean knife. Clean and sanitize cutting boards, smallwares, meat slicers & grinders after use. Change sanitizing buckets after each use so that you’re not just pushing around the same dirty water from the equipment or the floor to the bucket.

Weekly cleaning

Ranges and grills can get pretty greasy, as well as dusty. Be sure to sweep and clean beneath these pieces of equipment. One Fat Frog loves a good walk-in cooler. But we make sure our master techs (who each have more than 20 years of experience) clean and test the equipment before it goes out to the customer. Clean walk-in cooler walls and shelves each week.

Monthly cleaning
Defrost and clean freezers. Yes, that includes the Frog’s favorite walk-in units! Clear out ice machines to be sanitized. Keep those ice machines nice, nice, baby.

Annual cleaning
Just as we ask our customers to have professional installation on all of their equipment, the Frog asks for you restaurant entrepreneurs to have professional maintenance companies inspect and clean the equipment. Replace older plumbing fixtures when the wear and tear has reached its end point. If you’ve got a dining room carpet in your restaurant, have it deep cleaned at least once a year to get all the nitty gritty stains and smells out.

If nothing else, remember to sanitize! Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize. It’s better to be overly cautious when cleaning than not cautious enough. Keep these tips from the Frog in mind to ensure that customers can enjoy a squeaky clean dining experience at your restaurant. Keep it clean, jelly bean.