Your restaurant needs merchandising deli cases

If my bank account could handle it, I would eat at Cheesecake Factory on a regular basis. It’s one of my favorite restaurants. One problem with doing that is that I am physically incapable of eating there and not getting a slice of cheesecake for dessert, and the One Fat Frog company nutritionist says that I need to “stop trying to give myself diabetes.” So why can’t I avoid ordering cheesecake for dessert? It’s because of a lack of willpower, for which I blame my upbringing (just kidding, mom). In truth, it’s because a) their cheesecake is delicious, b) it’s in the name for crying out loud! (subliminally telling me what I should order), and c) it’s displayed beautifully in the restaurant.

Let’s look at that last point. When you walk into a Cheesecake Factory, you will probably have to wait for a table. In the waiting area there are large glass display cases – the same kind of deli cases and bakery cases that you can buy at One Fat Frog. Those display cases have slices of virtually every cheesecake that the restaurant sells. And. They. Look. Amazing. And if you’ve eaten at the restaurant before, you know that their cheesecake tastes as good as it looks. So while waiting for a table, you stand there looking at the cheesecake selection thinking “I want that, and that one, and that one!” After you’re finished with your entrée and the server asks if you want dessert, what’s your answer going to be? You’ve been salivating over the cheesecake since you arrived!

What does this mean for your restaurant? You need to make a cheesecake as good as the Cheesecake Factory! Your restaurant startup needs a good display case for deli or bakery items. You can use it to sell impulse items, to sell desserts and other specialties, and to get people craving your food while they wait for a table. At many restaurants, the display cases are placed at the checkout area, so when customers are paying for their bills they have one more chance to say “on second thought, can I also have a slice of that cheesecake to go?” I know this Frog has done that more than once, much to the nutritionist’s chagrin.

One Fat Frog sells refrigerated deli cases, dry bakery cases and refrigerated bakery cases. Some of our great display case selection can be seen below.

Bakery Display case Refrig Display Case