Your restaurant needs some walk-in units

Walk-in cooler at One Fat FrogOne of the most frequently requested products at One Fat Frog is a walk-in. Whether we’re talking about a walk-in cooler, freezer or combo unit, they are in high demand at the Frog because virtually every restaurant needs one.

Walk-in coolers and freezers are exactly what they sound like: coolers and freezers that are big enough to walk into. Often they are as large as a small room and are used to store a variety of products. Bar entrepreneurs who buy from the Frog use walk-in coolers to store white wine, kegs, and a backup supply of bottled beer, with the main stock kept handier in reach-in coolers. Restaurants use walk-in coolers for any perishable food and freezers for large stocks of perishable food that is frozen for use later. Often restaurant entrepreneurs will use walk-in coolers for their general supply of perishable food and then use reach-in coolers for the food that has already been prepped and is waiting to be served.

The size and number of walk-ins that you need depends on the size of your restaurant and how much perishable food you keep on hand at any given time. For that reason, your menu, how busy your restaurant is, and how often you have food delivered to you are three major factors that decide what walk-in equipment you need. Whatever you need, One Fat Frog can hook you up. Did you know that the Frog sells custom walk-ins? You give us the dimensions you need and we’ll have the walk-ins made to your specifications. Do you want a walk-in freezer/cooler combination? No problem. Just provide specs showing how you want the walk-in divided up, where the shelves go, where the doors are and how they swing, and all of those other specifications, and the Frog will have the walk-ins made exactly how you need them. And once the walk-ins are made and ready for you, One Fat Frog offers free delivery throughout most of Florida. What more could you ask for?