Restaurant Startup Tip: Opening up a pizzeria

Mama mia, it’s time to open up a pizzeria! One Fat Frog knows that pizza is appealing to all ages. When we’re kids, we love pizza because it’s quick and satisfying. When we’re adults, we love pizza because it’s still quick and satisfying, and we also learn to appreciate cold pizza. There can be more than just pizza in a pizzeria. If it’s an Italian theme,  cook up a family recipe for some pasta and garlic bread.

As a pizzeria/restaurant owner, you’ve got all the control in the food service world. The pizzeria can be a Cici’s Pizza where it’s all you can eat with quirky dishes like their dessert pizza, or it can be more of a classic pizza shop where it’s grab it and go, similar to Pizza Hut. Within a pizzeria, there needs to be the right equipment. That means prep tables, pizza ovens, dough presses, mixers, cheese graters, food storage containers, pizza pan racks and more. The Frog’s got all of that and then some.

We’ve got some nice conveyor and wood burning pizza ovens. Ever heard of the Renato AR600S? If you haven’t, then you’re missing out. It’s a nice gas assist, wood burning oven that’s efficient for a pizzeria. The Frog’s got some sweet electric conveyor ovens as well. Good brands, such as Lincoln, APW Wyott and Hussman. Don’t want an electric conveyor oven? The Frog offers free gas conversion.  Stop in and get your hands on some scratch and dent equipment. We’ve got the best deals around, and we offer a 30 day parts/labor warranty on all used equipment.

le pizza oven

le prep table


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