Make your food irresistible with these countertop warmers

Whenever I leave the One Fat Frog office, I’m always hungry. Maybe it’s because I see all of the equipment that is used to cook and serve delicious food all day. Sometimes that means cooking my own food and failing to live up to the culinary expectations my mind has made for itself. Sometimes it means picking up pre-cooked food from a grocery. Whenever I walk through the grocery while hungry, I find myself drawn to the deli, specifically to the part where rotisserie chicken and fried chicken are sitting on countertop warmers, the pleasant aroma begging me to buy it, take it home, and devour some poultry.

You can bet this Frog is not the only person affected in that way. The smell of food can be very enticing for shoppers, especially if they’re already hungry. Similarly, displaying food that looks good is also quite enticing. That is why countertop warmers are so important. If you have a deli, convenience store, grocery, or food kiosk, countertop warmers are great for accomplishing two things: keeping pre-cooked food warm so it can be eaten right away, and showing off that food in a way that makes people want to buy it. I guarantee that Publix wouldn’t sell as much fried chicken if they kept the chicken warmed behind the counter somewhere where shoppers can’t see or smell t he food.

The countertop warmers also take advantage of laziness. Someone once told me that you will never lose money by overestimating the laziness of your customers. After a long day of work, a lot of people just don’t want to put in the time and effort of cooking for themselves, so a pre-cooked meal displayed on a countertop warmer is the perfect solution. The later in the night it gets, the more enticing the food on that warmer is, because  now it’s so late that they definitely aren’t in the mood for cooking. Lunchtime is another peak time for selling pre-cooked food on your countertop warmers, because your shoppers might not have time to cook anything before going back to work, so they want to pick up a hot meal on the go. If you need a countertop warmer, One Fat Frog has several in stock. Come check them out today!

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