Walk in at One Fat Frog, get a new walk-in unit

Walk-inThe Frog is back with a walk-in update! We’ve got display model walk-in coolers and freezers at low, low prices. These are new units at used prices. Call the Frog for the best deal around.

Why buy a walk-in at One Fat Frog? We offer cooler and freezer combos, custom sizes and shapes, as well as FREE delivery. Who else does that? Exactly. As soon as you walk in, you’ll be shocked at the size of our warehouse. We moved from a 16,000 square feet warehouse to 100,000 square feet and we’re still growing! I think we could fit a million fat frogs in the warehouse alone.

Take a seat on one of our comfy couches and listen to some Bob Marley. We’ve got some good music playing every day, from the Beatles to the Stones. Check out all 100,000 square feet of the warehouse. You’ll see our master technicians hard at work on restaurant equipment. The equipment is cleaned and tested before being delivered. When the Frog says “master,” we mean it. These guys have more than 20 years of experience EACH.

Pay less and get financed with One Fat Frog. If these sizes don’t fit your needs, remember that we offer custom-made demos.

6×10 cooler/ freezer combo: 6×4 freezer, 6×6 cooler
16×19 1/2 combo: 16×12 cooler, 16×8 freezer

6×8 cooler
8×12 cooler
6×9 1/2 cooler w/ floor self contained refrigeration
13x 8 1/2 cooler
6×12 cooler

8×8 freezer
6×12 freezer
20×11 freezer
6×8 cooler or freezer with floor
6×7 freezer with floor

Stop in at the Frog before they’re all gone! 2416 Sand Lake Rd, Orlando, FL 32809