Milky Bun: Want some ice cream with that bread?

MilkyBunImagine eating two of the most filling guilty pleasures put together. It’s gooey, it’s creamy, it’s doughy. Meet the “Milky Bun.” What is it? Ice cream. Inside of a bun. One Fat Frog has had its share of interesting food and ice cream tastings, but this is something we haven’t yet tried.

I can’t decide if it’s the best dessert ever or if it makes me want to puke. I could barely finish a cup of Coldstone’s Birthday Cake Remix this weekend. (Note: It was my first ever Gotta Love It.) Either way, it’s something worth talking trying. Last year’s craze was the “Cronut,” which was fried, laminated dough that looked like a croissant. The Frog is wondering…should restaurants and ice cream shops start serving the Milky Bun?

The doughy/milky creation began in an ice cream shop called “Afters” in California. The Frog thinks it looks like a massive chocolate ball exploded inside of a piece bread, or an M&M McFlurry flooded the dough.

The bread serves as a cone for the ice cream. But beware–restaurants are already being warned not to call this an ice cream sandwich (even though its ingredients are pretty much just that).

There are four simple steps to achieving the Milky Bun: Pick your poison– ahem, ice cream– fill the bun, seal the bun, and eat it! “Afters” seals the bun with a waffle-iron like press to give customers a mix of warm, cool, sweet and creamy. One Fat Frog might just try to make this creamy concoction.

The Frog has spoken. Restaurant owners and ice cream lovers alike, you be the judge. Is the Milky Bun a sweet choice, or is it just another doughy, fattening fad?

In the meantime, One Fat Frog has convection ovens and Taylor twist soft serve ice cream machines. Restaurants, bakeries, ice cream shops: make your own Milky Bun with the right equipment. Buy used and save. The Frog offers services like custom paint jobs, free delivery, and easy financing. Check us out for a sweet deal.

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