Keep your food and restaurant clean

Here at One Fat Frog, we know just how important cleanliness is. We have our technicians clean and perform diagnostic tests before the equipment goes out to our customers. Whether we’re riccing or just goofing around with the equipment on a slow day, One Fat Frog makes sure to remain safe and hygenic.

As a restaurant owner or manager, you need to be aware of food safety and handling. You don’t want someone (or something) that’s not a human to be eating at your place. Keep the critters and foodborne bacteria away. Many cases of foodborne illnesses go unreported every year since people affected by it don’t seek medical attention. Avoid this by taking the proper precautions.

Prepare and Handle Food Correctly

Inspect purchased products to be sure they are funky fresh. One Fat Frog LOVES walk-in units. They’re great for raw products, which should be stored below 40°F in ice or coolers. In a separate cooler, raw meat and poultry should be stored to keep things sanitary. What the food is stored in is equally important. Equipment should be washed and sanitized, just like what One Fat Frog does before its equipment goes out to be delivered. Ensure that food is stored, cooked and cooled at its proper temperature. Food managers and handlers with long hair: tie the curls and strands back. Wear a hairnet or hat if necessary.

Keep the Critters Away

One Fat Frog’s mascot might be a fan of flies, but our equipment is not, which is why we clean and test our equipment before it leaves the warehouse. The same goes for a restaurant. You don’t want to see a little rat in your restaurant chomping on the linguini special. It’s not a pretty sight for you as the manager nor is it a nice sight for your customers. Fill in cracks and holes in walls or ceilings. Unpack shipments and supplies ASAP to avoid piling up boxes or the ever-lasting cockroach getting a free night at Hotel Italian Restaurant.

Get ServSafe Certified

One Fat Frog hosts ServSafe food and beverage safety classes and training every year. All classes/testing are held at our 2416 Sand Lake Road location, and the classes are taught by Chef Jeff Rotz. Check out our upcoming dates for the events:

March 15   11 a.m
March 17   11 a.m.
April 5       11 a.m.

At least one manager in a restaurant must be trained in food and beverage safety. Restaurant and food service managers are welcome to attend. Make sure you give us a ring and pre-register before attending. 407-480-3409.