It’s a Tech Tip kind of world!

We had the best team meeting the other day.  I loved sitting at the table with the Technicians, Shift Supervisor, General Manager and Big Boss and talking technical turkey.  All that knowledge was amazing.  Now I can say I’m just a girl in high heels but I have maybe a little knowledge in this area.  Who knew I was an EPA card toting girl?  But, I jest, I jest…

The Best part of this meeting was that there was no ego, just real exploration of the technical questions at hand and problem solving.  I love a good team meeting where people explain different ways to tackle the same subject. There’s really so many ways to complete the same project and a different perspective is always exciting. 

We’ve had a few Master Level Technicians join our team and their knowledge level and real down-to-earth style has fit in simply with the team!  You know a Frog by their smile and their ability to be part of a team. 

We’ve also picked up a Master Level Welder whose attention to detail is beyond exciting. 

As our team continues to grow we’re more and more excited to continue our upward program toward excellence.

Oh yes, and did you hear about the office team member who types 92 wpm?  True. True.

Excellence in the office and in the warehouse. 

There’s no room for mediocre at the Frog.  With the volume of equipment we’re moving we have to be dedicated to sending out a quality piece of equipment.