Growing, Growing, Growing

The Frog continues on our overall growth plan for 2014.  As you know 2013 was a big year for the Frog with us on a national tv show, moving to a significantly larger facility, expanding our staff with a General Manager and expanding our free delivery routes.  So, 2014 is bringing a lot of growth and opportunity at the Frog.

With our expanded free delivery routes has come a larger volume and that translates out to adding more Master Level technicians to our team.  Our technical team is not limited to skilled Hotline and Coldline technicians, we also have a team of Welders/ Fabricators and professional painters.  With the move to our new facility we’ve also added a few structural things that have greatly improved the program.

First of all, we have both LP and Natural Gas on site!  These are available at both Technician testing areas and a Client Preview Area.  From a perspective of use it allows us to be more thorough in testing and gas conversion.  We’re able to preview equipment to clients prior to delivery, too!

Technicians working hard on used restaurant equipment
Technicians working hard on used restaurant equipment

Also, in our testing area is both single phase and three phase electric.  There are testing facilities for 115, 208/220 and 240 and 480 three phase.  This thorough design makes the use of step down generators and other testing procedures a thing of the past.   The electrical panels and lines at the new facility are a technician’s dream!  We can run numerous pieces of equipment simultaneously which is important in expediting the testing and repair process to better handle our increased volume thanks to YOUR support!

The testing facility also has water available for testing of dishwashers, air cooled equipment, steam injection and other water enabled options.  This is important to have the proper water available!

Finally we have added a Parts & Service cage.  While that is going a little slower then we anticipated we’re very happy to have a more organized system in place inventorying seals, gaskets, and compressors.  You probably didn’t know we have thousands of dollars worth of parts on hand (and we’re not talking simple screws here).

Look for more information to come about our growing program and Technicians.  We’re very, very excited about it!

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