Include customers in the food preparing experience

RestaurantwithcustomersThere’s something about reality television that hooks millions of Americans, including One Fat Frog. Maybe it’s the eccentric personalities. Maybe it’s the drama. Maybe it’s the raw, “unscripted” events and emotions we feel we get a personal look into. But what about reality television for the restaurant entrepreneurs? Now that’s entertaining–and delicious.

Shows like “The Taste” showcase restaurant entrepreneurs and home cooks alike. 16 contestants are split up into 4 teams, each team with a different chef mentor. Through sweat and hard work, each contestant must then prepare a themed dish on his or her own to be judged. The judges have no idea what the dish is, how it was prepared, or who cooked it.

A restaurant is similar to this show. The only difference is customers get a sneak peek of what they’re ordering. Maybe there’s a picture on the menu or the server describes the elaborate chicken salad that’s been ordered. Once the order is placed, customers sit back, relax and leave the food preparation to the experts.

Unless the ovens or the prep tables are right in front of the customers, they have no idea how it’s being prepared. That’s where the chefs and restaurant owners come in. It’s their job to make the customer feel at ease.

Set up a special area, similar to a hibachi setup, where guests can see exactly how that special chicken salad is being prepared. Pick a more elaborate dish, of course. But gain the customer’s trust. Chefs can interact with the customers, give them a little bit of control when adding extra sauce or a dash of pepper.

Restaurant entrepreneurs and home cooks alike want to please their family and friends. They want to impress them with the perfect dish. By including customers in the experience, they’ll enjoy the taste of the food even more. Restaurants with dinner AND a show are a big hit (even if the show is simply preparing the food). Whether it’s a bakery, bar, pizzeria or restaurant. Stand out from the rest and give them something to talk about.